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You will find many of the classic series' familiar faces when venturing back into Mega Man's universe in 20XX along with some new ones.


Characters by group:

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With Rush dognapped by Dr. Wily and his bots, Mega Man needs some help! This adventure sets you in Mega Man's boots, and you may need some new equipment, and technology to assist in your journey to save the world, thwart the Mega Man Killers, and rescue your friend.

Sprites included here were created by Capcom.

Also known as Rockman, he is our hero, and was created by Dr. Light. Being a battle robot, he is able to use his variable weapons system to copy the weapons of Robot Masters he defeats. He is once again on an adventure to stop Dr. Wily, but not only that, can he save Rush in the process?
megaman DR. LIGHT
Being a brilliant roboticist, he is the creator of Mega Man, and played a key role in the introduction of intelligent robots into society. He strives greatly for making the world a better place through peace. His lab was attacked in the theft of Rush, and is where Mega Man calls home.


Proto Man is Dr. Light's first prototype robot, and Mega Man's brother. Though he has had conflicts in the past with Mega Man after being reprogrammed by Dr. Wily, he has supported Mega Man always when he is at his breaking point.
megaman AUTO
Housed in Dr. Light's lab, Auto keeps a manufacturing shop ready to make items to assist Mega Man in his journey. All you need to do is bring Auto some bolts!
megaman EDDIE
Eddie is an item-transporation robot created by Dr. Light. In this dire situation, Eddie brings supplies quickly to Mega Man's aid at certain locations when it is safe. Eddie always tries his best to help in each situation, but almost never can tell ahead of time what he may bring from the lab.
megaman BEAT
Mega Man's trusty bird-robot companion created by Dr. Cossack. To prevent Mega Man from scouting his robots, Dr. Wily has hidden Beat. Beat is able to attack nearby enemies, grab items and bring them closer to Mega Man, and is even is controllable by Mega Man.
megaman ROLL
Created by Dr. Light and sister to both Mega Man and Proto Man, she helps Dr. Light around the lab as a cleaning robot. With Rush kidnapped, she keeps a close eye on Dr. Light as he plans the next move to help Mega Man.



This all starts with one dognapping. Dr. Wily is set to take over the world, and finally destroy Mega Man. Using his genius, he is always looking to find creative ways that stroke his ego to get the job done. He isn't alone in his greatest plan yet. He brought some old friends (he rebuilt) too as well to this party!

Sprites included here were originally created by Capcom

Once Dr. Light's assistant long ago, the mad genius is at it again! Building his robots, creating technology while stealing more (and being proud of doing so), and taking over the world are his agenda. Dr. Wily is plotting quite possibly his biggest scheme to date using the Mega Data.
megaman BASS
Guarding Dr. Wily and Rush (the Mega Data), Bass is the mad scientist's right hand robot and creation. While Treble is in repairs, Bass takes full charge in guiding the Mega Man Killers to their goal of destroying Mega Man, providing Proto Man doesn't get in the way.


Leading the Mega Man Killers in this game, the first Mega Man Killer Enker is in all sense of the word, determined. After being rebuilt by Dr. Wily, he has been given the task of eliminating Mega Man. Armed with a lance, his attacks are devastating and can punish a greedy attacker.
megaman MMKN 02 - PUNK
The second of the Mega Man Killers, Punk is looking to cause destruction. In charge of Dr. Wily's vehicular forces, Punk will stop at nothing to make an impact. Taken to task by Dr. Wily, his Punk Needles can cause immense damage. With the ability to curl up into a spiny ball, he is quick.
megaman MMKN 03 - BALLADE
The third of the Mega Man Killers, Ballade is driven. Dr. Wily remade this Mega Man Killer for his one-goal attitude, and to further his plans. Armed with his Ballade Missle (sometimes called Ballade Cracker), he is agile yet his size.




This time Dr. Wily is putting out all his cards. Using the amazing capabilities of the Mega Data, Dr. Wily has designed eight Robot Masters to attack the city, prepare for his ultimate plan, and lure Mega Man out. Each Robot Master is an advanced design based on previous Robot Masters using the Mega Data stored in Rush's memory. Dr. Wily gave each of these robots a Mega Data Number (MDN).

Art of Robot Masters by Karakato Dzo (Ricardo Peņa)

Jolt Man
The power-generating robot.
WEAPON: Jolt Shocker
Based on Spark Man and Bright Man, Jolt Man was designed for generating extraordinary amounts of electricity. Dr. Wily sent Jolt Man to the hydroelectric power plant to fetch and re-route power to an unknown aquatic location off the coast. His body can absorb electric blasts which can be released from his electrodes. As a result, his body was designed for hot temperatures.

Good point: Humorous

Bad point: Spontaneous

Likes: Electricity-related puns

Dislikes: Cold swimming pools


Jolt Man
The flamethrower robot.
WEAPON: Scorch Flame
After reviewing his old plans contained in the Mega Data, Dr. Wily created Scorch Man. Intended to be the ultimate fire Robot Master, he is equipped with flamethrowers, torches, and self-combustion capabilities.  Despite being fully equipped with weaponry, he is actually quite laid-back. Dr. Wily dispatched Scorch Man to burn the jungles as a distraction for the military.

Good point: Easygoing

Bad point: Indifferent

Likes: Sunsets

Dislikes: Windy days


Jolt Man
The monkey robot.
WEAPON: Primal Bomb
After investigating his old enemy plans, Dr. Wily decided Monking was one of his more overlooked designs. Primal Man is an upgraded Monking with the capacity to throw explosive coconuts. Dr. Wily commanded Primal Man to keep the amusement park and its visitors secured, though his playful-yet-chaotic nature tends to annoy his fellow robots from time to time.

Good point: Lively

Bad point: Mischievous

Likes: Coconuts

Dislikes: Being confused


Jolt Man
The cryptographic robot.
WEAPON: Cipher Decode
To control the information networks of the city, Dr. Wily designed Cipher Man to harbour communications between Dr. Wily's Mega Data robots.  Cipher Man is in charge of ensuring information remains as secure as possible to avoid interception by the military and Dr. Light. This robot has the ability to create protective barriers that are encrypted by a sensitive secret code.

Good point: Intelligent

Bad point: Nosy

Likes: Discrete Maths

Dislikes: Viruses


Jolt Man
The glacial robot.
WEAPON: Frigid Frost
Dr. Wily based this ice-tossing robot master off of Aqua Man and Cold Man. Dr. Wily ordered Frigid Man to intervene in the functionality of aerial radio control stations found within the Arctic. This robot can lunge into dense ice with ease. If defrosted, this robot master will malfunction. Despite his element, he is quite egotistical and especially dislikes being mocked for his height.

Good point: Strong-willed

Bad point: Braggart

Likes: Ice sculptures

Dislikes: Scorch Man


Jolt Man
The factory robot.
WEAPON: Clamp Ring
In adoration of his love for the brute power of Guts Man, Dr. Wily created Clamp Man with his previous plans and the Mega Data.  Armed with vice-like clamps, Clamp Man can propel himself across great distances and is best suited for building Dr. Wily's robots. After taking over a steel factory, Clamp Man has been given the task of constructing more than just robots.

Good point: Efficient

Bad point: Brutal

Likes: Arm-wrestling

Dislikes: Pansies


Jolt Man
The performing robot.
WEAPON: Tune Note
In order to convince and motivate the spirits of robots of all kinds, Dr. Wily developed Tune Woman. With her stage performances, she can turn a Metall brigade to a rave.  Her songs are encoded with the plans of previous robot masters. Her performances have recently migrated to a studio where she can inspire thousands of robots each hour.

Good point: Talented

Bad point: Jealousy

Likes: Karaoke

Dislikes: Pinching


Jolt Man
The deceptive robot.
WEAPON: Illusion Blast
Dr. Wily used the Mega Data to build this mysterious robot master. He can create illusions such as generating copies of himself and even increasing his size. To protect Dr. Wily's plans, Illusion Man contains them and will never release them, even if destroyed. Tasked with luring Mega Man, he resides in the ruins near the coast preparing for his next grand illusion.

Good point: Loyal

Bad point: Delusional

Likes: Puzzles

Dislikes: Analysis






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